Hautbois Activity Centre is home to six campsites which are set across our 28 acre estate. Each site offers a unique perspective on the surrounding countryside.

We have six campsites accommodating over 300 campers with ample space for sleeping, eating and activities. Furthermore, each campsite also has shower and toilet blocks located nearby.

Available campsites


Minimum numbers

House East15Includes fully equipped dryshelter which backs onto a toilet and shower block.
House West15Located close to House West toilet block with showers nearby. Includes fully equipped dryshelter.
Limepits Upper10Located next to Limepits toilet and shower blocks.
Limepits Lower15Located close to Limepits toilet and shower blocks, with fully equipped dryshelter.
Glebe10Greenfield site only – closest facilities located at House West.
Curlew10Greenfield site only – closest facilities located at House West.

Tent hire

Our 6 man tents are available to hire (please see price lists for details) and will be put up and taken down for you – all included in the fee. Mess tents and Marquees are also available to hire, allowing you to pack a little lighter!

Campers laundry

If your campsite does not have a dryshelter, our campers laundry is equipped with a washing machine and tumble dryer for you to use during your stay. The campers laundry is a shared space for all campers so please ensure everything is labelled with your group information!

Wood and campfires

It wouldn’t be camping unless you enjoy a good campfire! Groups can book campfire circles during their stay. Additionally, there are wood stores located around the site where we ask for a small charitable donation to use. Please use your fire bucket located in your dryshelter and return all matches and firelighters to the office if once you have finished.


There is a cleaning bucket, washing line and altar fires located at each dryshelter, as well as both rubbish and recycling points on both the Hautbois House and Limepits sites. Guests can hire phone charging blocks from the office during their stay, as well as fire lighters and matches.


Contact us about visiting Hautbois or download our bookings pack including details about facilities, activities, local amenities and information about residential stays.