Useful Information

To help you prepare for your visit, here is some useful information:


Our staff will ensure everything is in place for your visit but accompanying organisers for the group have ultimate responsibility for the safety of their groups and we hope you will work with our instructing staff should you have any concerns.

Accompanying organisers will have full responsibility for the safety of their group:

  • When arriving and departing
  • At mealtimes
  • During free time
  • Groups who are staying overnight in the house, in the Reedcutters’ Village or on one of our campsites when not on Hautbois-led activity sessions

Risk assessments

Risk assessments are carried out for the house and other accommodation, all activities and the estate. These are reviewed annually and are available on request by contacting the bookings team. Or you can download them here.


Hautbois operates a ratio of 1 Hautbois instructor to 12 under 18 year olds for land-based activities and 2 Hautbois instructors to 16 under 18 year olds for our water activities. Though we do not ask the leader/teacher or other responsible adults accompanying the group to participate in the activity, we ask that they are present throughout the session.  Guiding customers: please ensure that sufficient Leaders accompany each group to comply with Girlguiding ratios.

Additional needs

Please notify us before your visit if any members of your party have any additional needs or special requirements of which we should be aware. This will enable us to prepare and plan your stay so that all group members have a rewarding and worthwhile visit. Please speak to a member of staff when you arrive if you have any concerns.


We ask that all our guests and visitors show respect to themselves, others and their surroundings. This includes not playing music excessively loudly and keeping noise down after 10pm, to show respect to our neighbours.

Arrival/departure times

Dependent on your accommodation arrival and departure times can vary. Please see the information below:

Accommodation Arrival DepartureFirst mealLast meal
House4pm onwards*9amDinnerLunch
Reedcutters’ Village4pm onwards*9amDinnerLunch
Campsites2pm onwards*10amOn RequestOn Request

*You are welcome to arrive earlier and leave later but please be aware that you may not be able to access your accommodation.

  • If arriving before lunch, please bring a packed lunch with you as your first meal will be an evening meal (unless otherwise booked)
  • We will arrange somewhere for your luggage to be stored until your transport arrives.
  • Please advise us of your estimated arrival and departure times in advance.

Car parking

On site parking is available. There is sufficient space in front of the house for coaches to unload and turn round.

Please note, that all vehicles are parked at their owners’ risk and Hautbois accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss caused whilst on-site.

Personal items and valuables

Please note that we cannot accept liability for loss or damage to personal items and valuables. If mobile phones are brought onto the site, they must be kept with you at all times.  We advise you not to take any electrical items with you on water activities.

Hand washing

Handling natural materials on the site is often an important part of the visitor experience. We encourage visitors to wash their hand after activities and before eating.


We ask that you make sure that visitors dress in clothing appropriate for any weather they might encounter. This includes water/drinks bottle, hat and sun screen in hot weather. Programmes will continue in all weathers with the exception of thunder and lightning and excessively high winds.

Our instructors will be mindful of the physical comfort of the group in times of excessively hot weather and may modify the programme to restrict the time spent in the full sun.

Kit list

Take a look at our bookings pack to see the full list of kit required when staying in either the House, Reedcutters’ Village or camping.


The first aid point is at Reception/Main Office. The instructors carry a first aid kit when on activities. Please immediately inform a member of the Hautbois staff team if there is an accident. Medical forms must be completed for all attendees and handed in on your arrival.