Reedcutters’ Village

Do you want something more comfortable than staying under canvas but a bit different than staying in the house?

The Reedcutters’ Village has six 8-bed cabins, one 6-bed cabin and one 4-bed cabin. It fills the gap somewhere between staying in the house and camping – more comfortable than staying under canvas but a bit more adventurous than staying in the house!

  • In six of the huts, there are four bunks (eight beds) with space to stow your bags and to hang waterproofs.
  • Both the 6-bed and 4-bed cabins can be divided into two separate rooms, suitable for group leaders, and are accessible at both ends.
  • The village has a marquee providing communal space with lighting, and tables and chairs.
  • We offer both catered and self-catered packages with an equipped dry shelter for those choosing to provide for themselves.
  • Groups need to bring sleeping bags and pillows in addition to the usual outdoors activity kit list.

Contact us about visiting Hautbois or download our Information Pack including details about facilities, camping, activities, local amenities and information about residential stays.