Hautbois Activity Centre is the perfect place for all members of guiding to come and explore a venue that has been part of the history of guiding in the Anglia Region for over 30 years.  

At Hautbois Activity Centre, you can learn new skills, have fun with friends and discover the outdoors on our 28 acre estate. As a venue owned and managed by members of Girlguiding Anglia the ethos of guiding is an essential part of all that we do, encouraging fun and adventure and offering new and exciting opportunities for all.

There are a a variety of ways to stay with us including camping on site, lodging in the Reedcutters’ Village or staying in the House and whatever your role or section, you are bound to find lots of fun, adventurous activities and experiences at Hautbois.

Our staff and volunteers will do their best to make sure your stay is as enjoyable as possible and we hope to inspire guiding members of the past, present and future.

Contact us about visiting Hautbois or download our Information Pack below for details about facilities, camping, activities, local amenities and information about residential stays.


Girlguiding Norfolk is the proud owner of the first purpose-built archive and collection building for guiding in the UK, situated across the road from Hautbois.

However their resources are not just kept in dusty boxes! The ARC’s aim is to make resources available to all ages, including you! We offer a range of sessions on various topics- traditions and dressing up are the firm favourites! The ARC also covers living history, what the Guides did in the wars and how the lives of girls and young women have changed in the past 100 years.

See more on our Facebook Page and Girlguiding Norfolk website.

Get in touch and the team can tailor a session to suit your timings and interests.