Generation Green

March 7, 2022

As part of the funded project Generation Green we are going to be running some Outdoor Training events for volunteers and adults to build their skills in the outdoors. Our weekend learning programmes will give our volunteers the confidence to offer more residential, camping and outdoor opportunities to our young members, create connections and have fun.

You’ll be able to learn new skills and how to run and support specific activities such as campsite techniques and safety, campfires, walking and navigation skills, outdoor cooking, and bushcraft plus much more. There will also be an opportunity to talk with a Hautbois member of staff to ask questions on how to make a booking, the process leading up to visiting and what we have to offer units.

Dates available:

21st – 22nd May
18th – 19th June
2nd – 3rd July
13th – 14th August
10th – 11th September

Arrival: Between 10am – 11am on Saturday (Please bring your own lunch)
Departure: 2pm on Sunday

Places are funded and open to all Girlguiding volunteers and adults. 

All equipment  will be provided but please feel free to bring any home comforts (pillows etc) if you would prefer.