Family Activity Sessions

February 13, 2024

The perfect opportunity to challenge family members and join us for an adventure! All sessions run for 90 minutes. We encourage the whole family to take part but if you do have adults in your party that do not wish to participate, they must still attend with anyone under the age of 18.


With the help of a Hautbois Instructor, you’ll learn how to shoot recurve bows on one of our archery ranges. Concentration is key – think happy thoughts and let the string go! With lots of games and competitions, this activity will spark the competition within your family. Available for everyone aged 7+.


With the guidance from our instructors, you and your family can spend time out exploring the River Bure in our canoes. There are loads of exciting things to discover and plenty of time to master paddling our Canadian Canoes. A suitable adult must participate alongside children. Available for everyone aged 7+.


With the assistance of a member of the Hautbois activities team, you will learn to belay and climb our 30ft purpose built climbing wall. With 4 different levels of difficulty even the most nimble of climbers will be challenged! Available for everyone aged 7+. Children aged 4 to 6 can climb but must be accompanied by a participating adult.

Stand up paddleboarding:

The perfect opportunity to challenge family members and see how you’d fare on the water! This Family Activity Session offers you the chance to learn new skills and channel your inner adventurer. Learn to stand up on our paddle boards and head out onto the River Bure! Will you be able to stay dry? Available for everyone aged 7+.


This activity is all about getting your feet off the ground!  Bring your family to try one of Hautbois roped activities and whiz along the zip line. Available for everyone aged 4+.


Price: £11.80 per person for a 90 minute session

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