Brownies Go Explore!

April 1, 2023

Come join Brownies GO Explore at Hautbois Activity Centre!


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There will be four Hautbois-led activities during the day (activities will differ for each group). Brownies will be in groups of 12/13 Brownies.

Each groups activities will include 4 from the following; climbing, archery, zipwire, kayaking, abseiling, crate stacking, night trail, shelter building, bushcraft, low ropes, obstacle course.

The day will also include additional challenge-related activities and a visit to the retail shop.

Unit leaders need to ensure they have the correct ratio of leaders to girls for their unit.

There will be first aid trained activity centre staff on site during the day, however, we advise units to have a first aider in their group and a first aid kit with them.

Units are required to organise their own transport arrangements for the day.

Overnight accommodation is available for those attending the Saturday event. This needs to booked in advance and this will be either in Hautbois House or the Reedcutters’ Village.

Anyone under the age of 18 who will be attending, will be required to have a Brownie/ young member ticket.

Units who wish to pay by cheque should call 01603 739696 or email on to make a booking.