Friends of Hautbois

The Friends of Hautbois are a group of very enthusiastic people who support Hautbois Activity Centre. New members are always welcome…

The Friends of Hautbois are a sociable group of like-minded individuals, united by their affinity to, and support of, Hautbois Activity Centre. They meet in friendship and to give practical help and financial support to us. The Friends also assist in promoting and sharing information about Hautbois Activity Centre. Being a Friend of Hautbois gives access to exclusive events throughout the year.

From the inception of work on the House, the Friends of Hautbois have been at the forefront of our service. Their help was given converting and updating the buildings and improvements around the site as well as cooking meals to fuel workers efforts. The Friends have run stalls, organised competitions and generally supported us throughout our development.

Friends of Hautbois subscriptions help to support developments at Hautbois, such as the new the Reedcutters’ Cabins and the purchase of sit-on-top kayaks. The Friends are an invaluable group of people who share the same passion for Hautbois as we do.

Becoming a Friend of Hautbois:

There are numerous ways in which the Friends help at Hautbois, and we are deeply grateful to them for their continued support and assistance. If you would like more information about becoming a Friend of Hautbois, please contact us below.